Rhine river

Plus, these trips are easy to budget, because so much is included in one price that you pay up front. Click here for eligible departures. The river makes a distinctive turn to the north near Chur.


The mode of transport from onward was by tugs towing a number of barges. Barge on the Rhine River, with vineyards in the background, at the town of Kaub, Germany.

Late November and December sailings, known as Christmas market cruises, are quite popular. The first steamship voyage on the Rhine was made from London to Koblenz inbut this was a solitary event.

Rhine River Cruises

Below Chur, the Rhine leaves the Alps to form the boundary first between Switzerland and the principality of Liechtenstein and then between Switzerland and Austriabefore forming a delta as the current slackens at the entrance to Lake Rhine river.

Passengers also travel to Heidelberg, one of Europe's best-preserved medieval cities and home to a Gothic castle and centuries-old university. Most of the delta is a nature reserve and bird sanctuary.


Most of the delta is a nature reserve and bird sanctuary. Above this point is the extensive catchment of the headwaters of the Rhine. The harbour installations of Mannheim were opened inand for almost a century this was the effective head of navigation. Receive free unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as Rhine river prepaid gratuities for onboard and onshore services, on any Uniworld Europe river cruise.

The Lahn also is canalized for small ton craft for 42 miles 68 km. With the completion of the huge Delta Project in —constructed to prevent flooding in the southwestern coastal area of the Netherlands—all main branches of the Rhine were closed off; sluices and lateral channels now allow river water to reach the sea.

The delta is delimited in the west by the Alter Rhein "Old Rhine" and in the east by a modern canalized section. The Posterior Rhine Romansh: The rock barrier of the gorge at Bingen divided navigation into two sections: Nevertheless, because the Rhine had been the boundary of Gaul for a time, it resulted in later claims by France, esteeming itself the successor to Gaul, to the Rhine as its natural boundary.

Although bridged and crossed by Julius Caesar in 55 and 53 bce, the Rhine became for the first time, along its course from Lake Constance to its mouth at Lugdunum Batavorum LeidenNetherlandsa political boundary—that of Roman Gaul.

Receive free unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as free prepaid gratuities for onboard and onshore services, on any Uniworld Europe river cruise.

Below Basel, however, the tributaries from the uplands, with their spring maximums at higher and winter maximums at lower elevations, increasingly moderate the unbalance.

As an effect of human work, it empties into Lake Constance on Austrian territory and not on the border that follows its old natural river bed. The Rhine leaves the lake via its Untersee arm. The main tributary from Alsace is the Illwhich joins the Rhine at Strasbourg, and various shorter rivers, such as the Dreisam and the Kinzig, drain from the Black Forest.

Subsequent events shifted the axis of this empire eastward and caused political disintegration along the Rhine. In Koblenz the Moselle and Rhine Rivers meet.

The middle Rhine is the most spectacular and romantic reach of the river. Offer applies to guests who have traveled with Viking within the past two years. When in that empire was divided, stretches of the Rhine formed the eastern boundary of the central part, Lorraine Lotharingiauntil when the Rhine again became the central axis of a political unit, the Holy Roman Empire.

In this flat-floored section the Rhine has been straightened and the banks reinforced to prevent flooding. Erik Zachte Alice F.The Rhine (Latin: Rhenus, Romansh: Rein, German: Rhein, French: le Rhin, Italian: Reno, Dutch: Rijn) is a European river that begins in the Swiss canton of Graubünden in the southeastern Swiss Alps, forms part of the Swiss-Liechtenstein, Swiss-Austrian, Swiss-German and then the Franco-German border, then flows through the German Rhineland and the Netherlands and eventually empties into the.

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Find one that suits you. The length of the Rhine is conventionally measured in "Rhine-kilometers" (Rheinkilometer), a scale introduced in which runs from the Old Rhine Bridge at Constance (0 km) to Hoek van Holland ( km).The river is significantly shortened from its natural course due to a number of canalisation projects completed in the 19th.

Find facts, maps, and information about The Rhine River. The Rhine River flows through 6 countries and serves as a link between Southern and Northern Europe.

Rhine river
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