Case study e commerce applications in india

What this husband and wife team did, was tap into YouTube — one of the fastest and most popular channels — to sell hair extension products. Profitable Business only if Huge Volumes can be committed to merchants: Trust is an important issue in e-commerce, because unlike real world transactions, the retailer is not present in person during the transaction.

Marketing cost to generate traffic on website is high 7. Managing own warehouse or product inventory adds to cost of operation becoz no company can create unlimited storage space.

E-Commerce player is only Technology Provider therefore very less hassles in business operations…Normally a team of sales executives are hired in each city to tie up with brands for discounts 2. Developing the platforms to better engage with the customers is important to the development of customer and brand loyalty through e-commerce which can be done through the creation of the promotional strategies which are available.

This clearly points out that the future of smart phone industry in India is all set to grow at a very appealing rate. In addition to the Ecommerce site, the customer also needed to be able to easily track their sales, inventory, shipments, and financials.

The customer needed a solution that was easy to maintain, as they just wanted to focus on building and growing their business, instead of focusing on maintaining the their business applications.

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For us, what really helped brighten some days, or gave us a bit more energy to keep going, was to come across success stories from e-commerce examples.

Superficially, it requires an incidence of a significant number of mobile phones among the potential users of the service. However, as the number of online retailers increases this may erode the USP that depends greatly on the platform.

The margin in this business is very very thin and can be as low as 25 Rs per coupon 2. However, there are plenty of marketers who have slain the beast on their way to success.

E-Commerce Examples | 5 Inspirational Case Studies for You

The above discussion about mobile-based commerce in India points out the fact that the transition from laptops is imminent in the near future, particularly due to the favorable growth in the Indian Telecom Sector.

The old online form: Alert Logic is a cloud-security provider based in Houston, Texas. Allergan is a global pharmaceutical firm that creates and markets brands to consumers throughout the world.

As a result, ASI has been able to lower the calculation and total reporting process time from 10 days to 10 minutes. For minimal effort, your ecommerce site has the potential to produce maximum results.

Ascension and PokitDok Case Study Using AWS, Ascension and partner PokitDok provide customers with real-time cost estimates for their healthcare needs, and were able to create and deploy the application within a matter of weeks.

Click on this image to see case study This case study goes over some insightful tips, lessons, and tools that they use to power their e-commerce online store.

Your company could have a pre-existing item that could use some additional awareness. The Internet is constantly changing as is the way customers expect to shop online.

The figure below shows the subscription of mobile phones in India since Click on this image to see case study The way they did it was through providing great, valuable content to their audience by offering them free video tutorials on how to create glamorous hair style inspired by celebrities on your own.

In this case, they are selling doll clothing patterns really!! We find these interesting and educational, even till this day. Alpha Apps Case Study Alpha Apps uses AWS to develop services faster, helping it keep ahead of the competition and deliver cost-effective services to its clients.

There are many challenges to the development of the marketing and advertising to an organisation and it is necessary that the organisation is still visible to the consumer. Retailer Wine Enthusiast also put content into play to earn trust with consumers.By using Amazon Web Services, Beatpacking has quickly scaled to support more than five million registered users, it’s expanding the service into other countries, and it can take advantage of flexible instance pricing to suit its evolving business.

Case Study: OLX India Marketplace for Refurbished Phones OLX being a renowned entity in the world of classifieds, wanted to expand its reach and the business levels to the E-Commerce industry. Since there is a huge demand for refurbished mobiles in the Indian market, they were aspiring to grow into the E-commerce domain by offering their.

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Electronic Commerce Applications among Indian Small and Medium Enterprises. Electronic Commerce Applications among Indian Small and Medium Enterprises.

Authors. The main purpose of this paper is to study the effect of e-commerce applications on the operational performance of small and medium enterprises.

There are many different types. APPENDIX - I CERTIFICATE FROM THE GUIDE This is to certify that the Project work titled "E-Commerce Applications in India - An Empirical Study" is a bonafide work carried out by Ms.

Apeksha Lewis (Admission No DPGD/JL06/) a candidate for the Post Graduate Diploma examination of the Welingkar Institute of Management under my guidance and direction. Business Case. With online shopping becoming acceptable in India, the ecommerce company found the traffic on its website growing at an exponential rate that peaked during festivals and holidays.

As a result, the biggest challenge for the company was. Providing a consistent and uninterrupted user experience for customers visiting its portal. Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) reporting that the internet users in India grew 17% from January to Junethe emergence and future growth of e-commerce and m-commerce is a foregone conclusion.

Case study e commerce applications in india
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